Stainless Bolt Industries Pvt. Ltd. is acknowledged as a manufacturer, exporter & suppliers of DIN 976 Stud Bolts available in a variety or grades, materials, and finishes, in metric and inch sizes. We are distributor specialized in Stainless steel / bolts products for companies involved in Equipment Manufacturing, Mining, Oil Refineries, Chemical manufacturing, Steel and Aluminum Manufacturing, Utilities and Transportation, and Industrial Construction.

Quality of DIN 976 Stud Bolts from Stainless Bolt Industries meets the tough requirements and provides maximum safety for smooth operations without breaking down. We are well known for our precise finish, accurate dimensions and vigorous design.


  • Steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel A2, A4
  • Brass

Benefits :

  • DIN 976 Bolts are Metric Threaded Stud Bolts.
  • Simplicity, ease and convenience of operation, it is enough to install the pin into the holes of the parts and tighten the nuts with the keys, which are installed on both sides of the fastening element.
  • High quality and reliability of the connection, even if it is affected by vibration loads, completely eliminates the possibility of self-twisting, especially if special washers are used.
  • Resistance to corrosive environments and corrosion, DIN 976 can be used to fasten metal structures in high humidity conditions.
Din 976 Studs Manufacturer, Supliera nd Exporter in India
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