Nut Bolt Screw Manufacturer

We are one of the Reliable and chief manufacturer of nuts and bolts, spare parts and tools is organized with all modern machines and latest Technology. To provide Quality Tools and spare parts with reliable, high quality, higher efficiency, pursuing best pioneering products to industry ,clients and also gaining customers satisfaction. As Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Nuts and Bolts to provide qualitative products to our customer as quality is important to serve the expectation of customers. Our accessible range of Tools is obtainable in all type of screws in various sizes, shapes and designs at industry customer at reasonable leading prices in market place.

We manufactured special type of nut bolt like Steel Nylon Nuts, SS Nut Bolts, SS Hex Nuts, and Stainless Steel Washers, We bring forth our clients a complete range of nut bolt screws. These bolts are highly relevant in electrical and electronics, light & heavy engineering and textile, Machinery, Tools making industries. With huge understanding, Knowledge, and experience we are concerned in as long as a best prominence range of Nut Bolt and Screw. These are particularly conventional in the market for their classy finishing and stretched out effective life.

Stainless Bolt Industries Pvt. Ltd. one of the best leading manufacturer of nut bolt screw in India. We are also providing our valuable clients and highest superiority of stainless steel nut bolt screw. These screws are also known as dimensional accuracy and widely use in applicable for different industries.We are manufactured by special nut bolt like Steel Nylon Nuts, SS Nut Bolts, SS Hex Nuts, and Stainless Steel Washers. We bring forth our clients a comprehensive range of nut bolt screws. These bolts are highly applicable in electrical and electronics, light & heavy engineering and textile industries.With huge knowledge and understanding, we are concerned in as long as a best eminence range of Nut Bolt and Screw. These are extremely conventional in the market for their sophisticated finishing and elongated effective life.Our companies are available in all type of screws in various sizes, shapes and designs at industry customer affordable leading prices in market place.

Products Range

Stainless Steel Screw

Backed with experienced team, we offer Stainless steel screw,  304 Stainless Steel Screws, 316 Stainless Steel Screws which are made up of alloy steel carbon steel, aluminum, mixed alloy, magnetic material etc. We manufacture and supply huge quantity of Stainless steel screw to meet the industrial and international quality standard also to satisfy customer’s needs. We also export, supply a gamut range of Stainless steel screws, screw fastener, available in the size of M12 to M150 and 1/2” to 6″ in size. Stainless steel screw is with smooth finish, polishing and surface, available in different types such as Pan head slotted, raised head screw, hexagon socket screw with cup point, socket cap screw, slotted cheese, trim head machine screws, socket head Allen cap screws, Allen countersunk, socket head cap screws, socket head shoulder screws. We provide as per customer specification, understand customer need supply it to them within given time limit.

What Is Screw

An outwardly threaded fastener competent of being inserted into the holes within assembled parts of mating with a pre formed inner thread or forming it’s own thread is called a screw. It has an ability of being tightened and released by torquing the head.

What Is Bolts

An externally threaded fastner, designed for insertion from end to end holes in assembled parts is called a bolt. It is usually proposed to be used along a nut.

What Is Studs

A metal rod or shaft with threads on both sides is called a stud. Usually the rod is long, but depending upon the requirement the size can be changed.

Machine Screws

We are major manufacturer, exporter, supplier, of excellent quality range of machine Screw with high tensile strength, anti-corrosive, durable finishing. We use advance technology and durable high strength material to fabricate these special type Machine Screw also to meet the international standards. Machine Screw is with accurate finish, high dimension, small to large size, clear cut edge. We also consult our customer for their requirement and specific needs so when we manufacture new slot or batch of product as per order specification of client .These bolts are used across in general hardware where strength is the bases which meet the needs of the automative industries for high strength bolts.We’re employed with producing Equipment Screws. Our choice of anchoring screws incorporates Slotted in addition to Phillips Brain Screws utilized in repairing or perhaps fitted numerous products. The normal intent behind some sort of twist is for keeping all sorts of things in concert, including wooden, plastic in addition to metallic. These are generally sold at current market leading costs to clients. Device Screws have been in huge require interested in the construction of Food running systems, Drink systems, Pharmaceutic systems along with Electric appliances. These come in size: M3 to be able to M6, Materials Levels of SS 304.

What We Serve

We serve to our precious clients quality products from years and we have built up the reputation of being quality supplier source to client and industry. The combination of through experience and technical expertise has enabled us to incorporate quality, perfection, accuracy and exactness, dimensions, Faultlessness in our products. Our Offered different range of products Fastener are available in a range of colors with specification and multiple usage that are Nuts, Bolts, Pins, Screw, Washer, Circlips, Turned Components, Assemblies parts providing to renowned Auto ,Agriculture companies with the Fasteners. This Bolts serve various style, types each is suitable to match the needs of a particular application of the industry and clients.

What Is The Use O Nuts And Bolts ?

Bolts and Nuts are used in several application for multiple usage with a main purpose to hold things or parts of Machine or equippements together .As parts of machine are holded by nuts, bolts as this serve as the crucial components in numerous assembly, construction projects which provide strong bond and do not break even under huge pressure.

A Bolt features a string on a cylindrical shape with the nut features an internal thread which binds with the thread on the bolt. By running the machine the bolt through the nut it forms a very strong bond which has the ability to handle the high pressure and do not loose. The process of binding a nut and a bolt together is generally very simple but can be complex depending on the type of bolt and nuts used and how the bolt is inserted through an object with the nut on the other side steadily binding the object together.

Why Use Bolts ?

Bolts and Nuts are used in numerous applications for a range of multiple usage with a main function to hold things or parts of large Machine or small equipments together. Which work like a bonding or holding parts as whole machine and equipments joining of parts depends on this base.

As parts of machine are hold by nuts, bolts serve as the elementary components in several assembly projects which provide strong bond and do not break even under huge pressure .When there is high vibration or pressure nuts and bolts are able to stay together without dropping apart due to the friction that is generated by their compression of the parts as well as slight stretch of the bolt. When vibration occurs nuts, bolts get loose as this bolts are not strong overtime the other parts of bolt simply fall off apart. This can be dangerous and therefore bolts provided by us are strong, efficient, qualitative that can be used together for stronger efficient joints which do not get breakable while running the machine and remains for long run. Other spare parts such as safety pins, oval shaped threads, bolts, Screw can be used for bonding between the machines for preventing looseing up overtime.

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