Din 965 Phillips Csk Head Screws from Stainless Bolt Industries can be used for the assembly of machine and electrical components. These precision screws are similar to bolts as they have a head and a shank. They are also able to be used with a nut and come with a range of thread patterns. With the appropriate usage, they can bring a flat finish to the surface of operation. However, the diameters of these bolts are small, and they feature a straight shank with a blunt end. Be careful to use only a screwdriver with these screws instead of a wrench.

Din 965 Csk Pillips Head Screw

Since Din 965 Phillips Csk Head Screws are used for the construction of machine components, they are threaded externally for the full length of the shank. The usage of these screws is also subject to the drilling of a pilot hole. Otherwise, it can be used with a matted nut. It is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel to bear more wear and tear while also making it more corrosion resistant.

Din 965 Csk Phillips Head Screw


  • DIN 965
  • ISO 7046
  • CSN 21152
  • PN 82208
  • UNI 7688
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